Bee Clean Laundry

I’ve been using Bee Clean for a few months and it has been a God send. Very customer friendly, you are able to customize many options.
Laurie D.
Customer Since Aug 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

You can expect your laundry to be returned the next business day after we pick it up. The only exception to this are National holidays.

We bill your credit or debit card directly. We will email you a detailed invoice each time your card is billed. You can also receive invoice totals by text.

We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express cards.

There are no pickup or delivery fees.

There is a minimum charge of $25.00 per pickup.

We’ve put in place email and text reminder tools to help make sure you don’t forget. However, if you do forget to leave your laundry out we do reserve the right to charge a $15.00 missed pickup fee to cover costs.

*Only applied if you miss the scheduled pickup and fail to cancel your scheduled pickup by 6am.

None whatsoever. You can cancel or suspend your account at any time.

As often as you like. Some of our customers tweak their profile prior to every pickup because they have special instructions for us. Other customers set up their preferences when creating their account and then rarely change them.

No! Just leave the laundry somewhere we can access it. Many customers have us leave their laundry at their back door or on a porch if they are not home. Whenever possible, please select a site that’s protected from the elements, but we bag the laundry to help keep your laundry clean and dry.

New customers can use a plastic bag or trash bag for the first pickup, just label it with your name and Bee Clean Laundry.  When we return your clothes, we will include a high quality laundry bag that can be used for future pickups. You may continue to use your own bags if you’d prefer but we ask that you please put a tag on them so we know the bag is intended for Bee Clean Laundry. 

If you wish things to be washed separately, please put them into separate bags and label accordingly. If you have separately laundry instructions for just that bag, feel free to attach that to the bag.

All bags should be able to tie or zip closed to ensure items do not become lose within the van and lost.

We prefer your laundry to be in a bag that can be zipped or tied shut. Trash bags work fine, just tie shut and label with your name and Bee Clean Laundry.

If your laundry is left out in a basket or hamper or is overflowing the bag that can’t be closed, our drivers will bag the items and a Bagging Fee of $5 per bag will be added to your invoice.

Unfortunately due to liability issues, drivers cannot enter a house or garage. We ask for any laundry to be left in an open and accessible area, such as a porch or patio, or else it can be handed off to our drivers directly.

Our pickup and delivery window is 8am – 5pm Monday – Friday. Our route depends on the number of stops we have on an individual day, so we can’t ensure your laundry will always be picked up or dropped off by a specific time. We normally do pickups earlier in the day and deliveries begin late morning and early afternoon.

We prefer you schedule your pickup by 7:00 am the day of your pickup. This allows enough time for the drivers to plan their routes for the day.

Contact Customer Service by calling (317) 689-0677 or emailing If our drivers are still in your area, we will make every effort to arrange for a pickup.

Absolutely. Many of our customers have Bee Clean Laundry pickup and deliver to their workplace. Just specify in your laundry preferences the pickup and delivery details.

However rare this is, it can happen. If there is a storm or other natural occurrences, we will return your laundry to you as soon as it’s safe to for our drivers to do so. We will keep you updated to any changes via phone, email and/or text.

If you’re going to be away just log into your account and place your account on “Vacation Hold” until you return.

Simple. Just log in to your account and update your Laundry Preferences adding a note in the “Laundry Instructions” or “Folding Instructions” field. Our employees check your personal laundry profile for any changes every time they process your laundry.

Absolutely not! We wash and dry our customers’ laundry individually in separate machines.

Absolutely! You have full control over how your laundry is done. Choose the water temperature, the type of detergent, and whether you like fabric softener or not. You can also tell us how you want your clothes dried and folded.

Yes, but please keep in mind that since we have 24 hour laundry turnaround time, some clothes will be returned damp.

Sure, but for your convenience we highly recommend you each sign up for your own account. If you do decide to share an account you will have to separate your laundry upon its return.

Yes, we do! Unfortunately, we are unable to wash and dry weighted blankets and/or comforters.

We do our best to accommodate every request. If there’s something special we need to know just log into your account and update your laundry and folding instructions.

Yes, we do. Please place all stained clothing in the “Special Attention” bag and let us know by including a note in the bag or on your laundry profile and we’ll do our best to get it out. While we’re usually successful at removing stains, we can’t guarantee we’ll be able to get it out. If you can pretreat the stain before putting the garment in the bag, it will increase the odds of success.

While we are known for our high quality care, mistakes can happen. If we lose or damage an article please notify customer service within 48 hours of the laundry being returned to you. Unfortunately we cannot be responsible for laundry that is lost or damaged by the weather after it’s dropped off at your home. Please review the terms and conditions for more details.

Feel free to review our Terms of Services for additional details.
My mom is getting older and not really able to safely climb stairs down to the basement to do her own laundry. And she's a lifelong procrastinator. After much fussing, I insisted that we try Bee Clean, "just to try it once" and she agreed. Now mom is hooked. She loves the service and has more clean clothes to wear than she has in years. She raves to all of her friends. She is looking and smelling great in her fresh clean clothes. This is so easy to set up and a great option for seniors. Would also be a great option for anyone experiencing mental or physical obstacles.
Sarah M.
Customer Since July 2021