Bee Clean Laundry

How do you redefine laundry days? 

Here’s just a few of our customers answers:

  • More Time with Family and Friends!
  • Always have that uniform clean and ready for the big game!
  • Pajamas ready to snuggle in for a Movie Night!
  • Use your evenings and weekends for fun, not laundry!
  • Never run out of detergent, fabric softener or dryer sheets again!
As I am on a walker with a back injury, doing laundry is a challenge for me. The guys who do the pickup and delivery are great. I also again want to compliment the person who does my laundry and especially the finishing and the folding. I couldn't do that myself ever. As soon as I'm back on my feet I'm going to visit you guys and give that person a good handshake. Thank you for such wonderful service. I don't know what I would do without it.
Delores C.
Customer since Nove 2022
  • Less carrying heavy baskets of laundry into a dark basement or over icey parking lots!
  • Contact free pickups and deliveries, with text  or emails notifications when we are in route!
  • Our drivers run the same routes week after week, getting to know our customers!
  • Bee Clean Laundry does “Courtesy Checks” on their elderly or disabled customers whenever we notice missed service!
  • More time to prepare for that big meeting and focus on that next project or presentation!
  • No need to drop off or pickup your laundry during a certain time window!
  •  Use your relaxation time for self-care, not laundry!
We love your services! We just use you guys ad hoc as our stuff gets stained or soiled, but don't need regular service. You are the first people I go to when we need laundry and we love the easy access plus the daily reminder emails. I can just click and schedule a pickup in the morning straight from my inbox. Please don't change it!
Jarred J.
Customer since Aug 2022
  • Keep our staff looking sharp with clean aprons and towels, without taking them home to do myself.
  • Clean tablecloths ready for that special event or just day to day!
  • Less costly maintenance and upkeep on your laundry machinery!
  • Make sure your staff’s work shirts or uniforms are always crisp and professional!
  • Be confident that volunteer shirts are cleaned between events or concerts!
  • Clean comforters, sheets and towels ready to reset that AirBnB or Hotel room!
  • More effective use of your staffing resources, not waiting for a washer/dryer to finish!
  • Customizable folding, packaging and return procedures available!
  • Large volume capacity to keep the blankets, comforters and pillows fresh and clean!
  • Strain treatment and bleach options to keep your whites white!

Our per-pound pricing is designed to fit your lifestyle

*minimum $25 order

Some items are charged separately and are not weighted.

We do not accept weighted blankets of any size, even if they are machine washable.

Quick & Easy Customer Service!

Call, Text or email us to schedule a pickup, put your account on hold or ask a question. We are here to help!
Bee Clean Laundry Pickup does great work and is very user friendly. From their website, you customize your pick up day, what products you want used on your laundry, and how you want them washed and dried. They provide you with a Bee Clean bag for your laundry. They are in my neighborhood at least three days/week, so I can use their service almost any time. The people are very nice, too.
Cathy S.
Customer since Jan 2020